Dear Birders,

I had two LA Waterthrushes in my yard this evening.

I did a survey of some of the local dredge spoil sites today and hit the
spoonbill payload at one of them with 107. These are more spoonbills than
I have seen anywhere at one time. Also present at this same site were 8
white pelicans.

This past Thursday I conducted a bird survey at the Naval Station Mayport
(south side, mouth of St. Johns River). There were over 40 yellowlegs
(about 50/50 both species) at the spoil site there along with over 80
black-necked stilts and 1 short-billed dowitcher. Over 30 glossy ibis
added nicely to the mix. An eastern kingbird and a n. flicker seemed a
bit out of place at the beach, at least for early July. Also on base were
10 gray kingbirds, the most I have seen in northeast Florida at one time.
At the beach on base were 100+ least terns with juveniles (just loafing.
The biggest surprise, I guess, on base was a pair of house finches. I had
not heard of any near the beaches here.

Roger Clark
Jacksonville, FL

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