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<< I need some advise ... on our way home this evening we saw 4 Monk
Parakeets...we also saw one of

them struck by a appeared to be a glancing blow....

we rescued the bird from the middle of the road....he's awake but doesn't

stand...he will however move his legs...

I've never had any experience with injured birds....we brought him

home...but I don't know what to do next...we are in a very rural area..

any advice appreciated >>


First -- DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FEED THE ANIMAL  -- If and what it should eat  is
best decided by a Vet.  Keep the bird contained (This is why God made shoe
boxes!!!) and in a dark, warm, quiet place.   A towel or wash cloth in the bottom
of the box is a good idea.  Air holes are NOT necessary  -- but if you feel
better poking them, poke them BEFORE you put the bird in the box. :-)

By law, YOU can't do anything for the bird -- except to try to locate someone
who is qualified and licensed.  (Nobody enforces this, but it IS the law.)
Is there a wild animal rehab clinic near you??   If not, is there a Vet who is
open on weekends?   Failing those, is there a Humane Society or county animal
control outfit.

Here in Lee County, we are blessed with C.R.O.W. - The Clinic for the
Rehabilitation Of Wildlife - at which institution I happily volunteer.  :-)  I don't
have immediate access to a list of similar clinics in your area, but there MAY
be one.   If so, THEY are the people with whom you want to make contact.
Perhaps one of the other outfits I have suggested will have this information.

BTW -- thanks for caring, stopping, picking up the bird --- and asking for
advice.  There should be more like you!!!

Dick Beeler
Fort Myers, FL

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