Hi, FloridaBirders!

It has come to my attention by two submissions I received on the same day a
couple of days ago that there is a place for small, interesting photos of
Florida birds not intended to be the best ever seen and not intended
especially for the website or preservation.  Just for fun.

I will be sending one tonight.

So, send them to me if you have an interesting one under 30K in size. Do
*not*  post them yourself, but still send them to me just as for the larger
ones.  Also, still give the DATE AND LOCATION the photos were taken

I prefer that they come directly to me at my personal address at
[log in to unmask] (Keith says he is "hands off" on photos, except for
sending them, of course -- remember the Hudsonian Godwit?).  If you can't
remember that, send them to [log in to unmask]  Keith
will just ignore them.

A size limit of 30K applies..

Direct any comments to me personally.

Barbara Passmore

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