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<< Would anyone be willing to hazard a guess as to whether or not
this bird was an early fall migrant or perhaps a hanger-on from spring?
Or perhaps, dare I say it, breeding here? >>

As a guess, not an opinion, was called for, let me be the first to hazard
same.   Too early for a fall migrant, I would go for a "hanger-on."    The
possibility of a breeding bird is fascinating, but I will stick to an old opinion
that was once shared with me.   BEKI's nest, more often than not, in the faces
of the banks of streams.  As the "banks" of streams in South Florida tend to be
the ever changing diving line between flat water and flat land, the chances
that sufficient exposed vertical surface could be found are rather remote.

My hazarding of this guess will, I assume, provide sufficient encouragement
for someone to discover just such a bank, just such a nest and just such a
breeding pair.   Glad I could help. :-)

Dick Beeler
Fort Myers, FL

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