As a volunteer, I recently helped to manage 75 kids that were hauling cut
exotics out of the woods in one of our local parks.  After talking about the
problems with exotics, the question came up as to whether Brazilian pepper
and camphor trees are used by birds for nesting, and if so what species.
Although Brazilian pepper hides some migrating ground species quite well, I
can't recall finding any nests in them.  Except for about 2 weeks in the
fall, I seldom see any birds in camphor trees at all, although I've seen
rotting limbs or trunks that have starlings and house sparrows in holes.

Can any of you add to my experience?  They were only hauling the two species
mentioned above, but I don't believe I've seen any nests in Melaleuca,
Carrotwood, Java Plum or Chinese Tallow.


Judy Fisher
Seminole, Fl
Located in Mid Pinellas County
e_fisher at pipeline dot com

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