Hi, FloridaBirders,

If for any reason your server does not deliver your mail for a while or even
misses one message a day over a period of days, Listserv is set up to
automatically delete your subscription.

Sometimes your messages may start bouncing en masse to such an extent I have
to set you to nomail to stem the tide.  I have often tried writing you to
tell you, but invariably, my message will bounce just as the list's bounce.

When your server starts working again, you may find that one of two things
may have happened:  (1)  You may no longer be subscribed to FLORIDABIRDS, or
(2) you may be set to "nomail" and not be getting mail.

You can find out what has happened by sending a query command to Listserv.

You remember, I hope, that the address for all *commands * to go to is
[log in to unmask], while all *posts* go to
[log in to unmask]

So send this command to Listserv:  QUERY FLORIDABIRDS-L

If your subscription has been deleted, you will get an answer saying your
are not on the FLORIDABIRDS-L list.  If you are on nomail, you will get a
list of your options and among them will be NOMAIL.

To restore your subscription, just resubscribe. If you don't remember how,
the directions are on our website at:

To receive mail again, this command goes to Listserv:  set Floridabirds-L

Just reverse the message given in the bottom banner, changing "nomail" to

There have been servers that have given months of trouble, but now most seem
to be working fairly well.  I hope for your sake and mine that it stays that

Good birding!

Barbara Passmore

Barbara Passmore
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