Although it was very early in migration, on July 20 we made our first
birding trip of the season to Turkey Creek.  We saw 1 Black + White Warbler
and 4 Red-Eyed Vireos (one of which sang all morning long).

Today, July 27, we had to see if anything new had showed up at Turkey Creek.
A few other folks had the same idea.  We met Frank Auton and the Riley
Family (Bob, Geri and Meghan) who bird with us a few times a year.

Warblers seen:

2  Prairie
   No. Parula (several)
3  Black + White

Also:  1 Great Crested Flycatcher

In our yard the first Yellow-Throated Warbler arrived on July 21.  Over the
past several days there have been a procession of Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds
moving through.  Some visit the feeder, others will only visit the flowers,
totally ignoring the feeder:  1 adult male, 1 female and several immature
males distinguishable from each other by the number and arrangement of spots
on their throat.

Our most interesting yard bird continues to be the Gray Catbird which hasn't
left yet.  In addition to the raisins which draw him/her to the feeder, the
Catbird has been observed eating Beautyberries which are now ripe.

Shirley and Bill Hills
Melbourne Village

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