Many thanks to Rich Paul for his detailed dissection of the fantasy of a
Reddish Egret intermediate morph.  We will not expect to find a "Wurdemann's
egret," such as exists in the Great Blue Heron complex.  There may be some
mixed morphs, if that is a good expression, since there are white-white,
dark-dark and white-dark nestings as Rich said, but since research to date
has not been able to identify them and accordingly there is no formula to
use in identifying one, we will just count it as a pipe dream.  Genetic
studies may some day work it out.

We certainly want to know the best information available and this time we
didn't have to go to Denmark to get it.

If anyone knows David Sibley, perhaps they could write him and ask him to
change his statement to "Few (if any) intermediates..."  or how about "No
identifiable intermediates..."

The wording on the Reddish Egret page on the FLBIRDS  website
( has been revised, and we
appreciate the opportunity to do so.

Barbara Passmore

This is a good example
Barbara Passmore
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