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On 6-29-03, Bob Richter and Charles Burhman both saw a jaegar at Huguenot
Park, Jacksonville FL, which they both identified as a Parasitic Jaeger.
Both photographed the bird. Bob Richter sent one photo to FLBIRDS and
Charles sent his photos to another list. Later Charles Buhrman gave
permission for FLBIRDS also to put his photos up on its Members Photo page
where Bob Richter's had already been posted. People began to talk about the
identification being that of a Pomerine and not a Parasitic and since there
is no known expert in Florida with experience on the identification of
Parasitic Jaegers, I wrote the list of FRONTIERS OF IDENTIFICATION
(familiarly known as (ID-FRONTIERS or [log in to unmask]) on
7-9-03 to get opinions from the world experts who participate in that list.
Great interest was shown and there was no shortage of opinions. It all was
finally put to rest, when Klaus Malling Olsen, of Denmark, drove in the nail
that sealed the coffin of this mild tempest.

(Below is a list of the messages filed with ID-FRONTIERS. Also included are
three messages from me to the list and an additional one from me forwarding
the message from  Klaus Malling Olsen to ID-FONTIERS.)

Search Results: 24 matches. (One other is omitted because the post is to
another matter.)

Item # Date Time Recs Subject

005852 03/07/09 17:16 23 Jaeger
005853 03/07/09 17:47 19 Jaeger - 6-29-03 - CLARIFIED DATE
005854 03/07/09 17:47 29 Re: Jaeger
005855 03/07/09 21:21 17 Jaeger in Florida
005856 03/07/09 20:29 34 Re: Jaeger in FL
005857 03/07/09 20:11 37 Re: Jaeger in FL
005858 03/07/09 22:19 61 that florida jaeger
005859 03/07/10 05:29 40 Re: Jaeger in FL
005860 03/07/10 10:04 30 Jaeger age & id.
005861 03/07/10 17:23 113 (no title)
005863 03/07/10 15:51 58 Jaeger in FL
005866 03/07/10 20:26 65 Re: Jaeger in FL
005867 03/07/10 17:46 41 Re: Jaeger in FL
005868 03/07/10 19:09 89 Re: Jaeger in FL
005869 03/07/10 20:01 38 FL jaeger
005870 03/07/11 10:29 133 RE : [BIRDWG01] Jaeger in FL
005871 03/07/11 10:49 121 Re: Jaeger in FL
005872 03/07/11 08:09 22 Re: Jaeger in FL
005875 03/07/11 13:53 59 Re: Jaeger in FL
005877 03/07/11 15:19 22 Re: Jaeger in FL
005878 03/07/12 10:25 29 Re: FL jaeger
005880 03/07/16 18:25 108 RE : [BIRDWG01] Jaeger in FL
005881 03/07/16 10:10 89 Re: RE : [BIRDWG01] Jaeger in FL
005905 03/07/20 20:35 59 Re: Jaeger in FL (from Klaus Malling Olsen)

If you desire to get copies of these messages, the archives of ID-FRONTIERS
are open to everyone, and you can get them by sending the following message


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GETPOST BIRDWG01 5852-5861 5863 5866-5872 5877-5878 5880-5881 5905

(Keep all on one line if possible; if not, repeat the first two words at the
beginning of the second line.)

The ornithologists who posted included Killian Mullarney of Ireland,
Pierre-André Crochet, also quoting Jacques Leclerc, of France, Peter
Adriaens of The Netherlands, Paul Larkin of the UK, and from the US, Alvaro
Jaramillo (CA), Phil Pickering (OR), Tony Leukering (CO), D. Heindel (Mitch
Heindel) (CA), Todd McGrath (CA),Peter Moulton (AZ), Martin Reid (TX),
Julian Hough (CT), and Angus Wilson (NYC) and  it was concluded by
Klaus Malling Olsen of Denmark.

With only one photo to go on albeit the nice one from Bob Richter, there was
at first a leaning toward Pomarine, but when more details became available
when the photos Charles Buhrman were posted, the tide turned to the

Finally, on 7/20/03 a message from Klaus Malling Olsen was posted
identifying, without qualification, the bird as a Parasitic Jaeger (called
Arctic Skua in some parts of the world). His message follows:

"The nice photos of the skua shows to my eyes a clear Arctic (Parasitic)
Jaeger. The bill is alone too slender for any Pom, and I do not think the
central tail feathers look broad and rounded, although a precise image is
hard to obtain. As correctly pointed out by Killian [Mullarney], the bird
must be a 3 cal. year+ (the bill is still bicoloured, not the all dark of
older birds), but the legs have turned dark, whereas younger birds would
have shown traces of pale on the tarsus.
"The head pattern, including traces of pale blaze (although weak) and -
more important - hindneck streaks - should furthermore exclude Pom. The
pale-edged feathers on the fore-mantle look rather fresh, and are a normal
feature in winter plumaged birds (and often the first traces of winter
"A more precise ageing could have been done by checking the under
wing-coverts, which still would show extensive areas of barring in 3 cal.
year, but being all dark in adult (4. cal. years normally still shows some
barred - especially >greater - coverts).> Surely, size and structure are
most important in the field, but sometimes very tricky to judge from
photos. But Stercorarius parasiticus is what I see in this bird, not
pomarines (and definitely not longicaudus)."

Klaus Malling Olsen is the author of _GULLS: Of North America, Europe and
Asia_ being published this year by Princeton University Press (see )  Due in May, it has been delayed until
September I am told.  He is also the author of _Terns of Europe and North
America_ (Princeton) and _Skuas and Jaegers_.

Consequently, the photographers, Bob Richter and Charles Burhman, were found
to be correct and the bird they saw and photographed is what they said it
was. The name "Parasitic Jaeger" remains on this page and in the archives of

SEE Members' Photos:  Click on
the first item, Parasitic Jaeger.

Barbara Passmore
July 21, 2003

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