Hi all,

Whilst trying to find one the jay families I track out at the Cape Canaveral
AFS today, I got a quick glance of what I thought at the time might have been
a non-male tree swallow (it was brown on the back) in flight around some
purple martins.  The jays showed up at this point so I didn't get back to the bird
for several minutes.

Next time I saw the bird it was still flying and was definitely smaller than
the martins along with some shape and flight differences, etc., then it
perched on a wire and I got a pretty close look.  (Note, I sometimes forget which
swallow between Northern rough-winged and Bank has the clear breast band.)  I
quickly decided it was not a tree swallow but a NRW as there was clearly a
breast band on the little guy.  Just to be sure I look in the bird book in the
truck and oops! that has to be a BANK SWALLOW! What's it doing here?  I need
another look.  Of course it had flown and though I looked in with the martins (~12)
and watched for it in flight, I did not see it again. But that band across
the front was unmistakable with white above and below it.

This sighting took place near the Atlantic coast (1/4 mile±) so an early
migrant?  any thoughts?

I also had another Prairie Warbler today but at the opposite (southern) end
of the Station as I had the first one.  It was in a sea grape almost within
shouting distance of the beach.

Good birding!

Sarah Linney
Cocoa, FL
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