Ken Tracy sends the following:

(1) Immature White Morph of Reddish Egret

(2) Possible Intermediate of Reddish Egret

These were both at the north end of Anclote Bar off the coast of  Pasco
County on Saturday, July 19, 2003.

Sibley does mention that there are a few intermediate birds between the
white and dark morphs, and Ken would like your opinion about the second
photo. Send them to the list if you have comments.

Thanks, Ken.  You have the !

Somewhat larger versions are posted on the Members' Photos site at

[SPECIAL NOTE:  I have two beautiful photos of the usual dark morph about
which I have misplaced the transmitting message.  Ordinarily, when I move
the photos to the sending file, I rename them in my own style:
code+date+initials of photographer. Unfortunately, I didn't do that with
these files.  I am putting here the file name of one of the files:
reeg_3281_Ft_Desota_030302.jpg   If this is your file, please get in touch
with me.]

Barbara Passmore