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This spring (2003), Common Mynas nested at a Shell gasoline station sign at the intersection of US27 and CR621, Lake Placid, Highlands County, Florida. The birds were reported to be entering a cavity on the top of the sign. The nest apparently was unsuccessful and the birds are no longer present (June-July) at this location. Glen Woolfenden, Archbold Biological Station, has a wing-fragment of a Common Myna in the freezer. The wing was recovered from a flat carcass at the gas station. This Lake Placid location is about an hour's drive north on US27 from the population of Common Mynas in Clewiston, Florida. This is apparently the first record of Acridotheres tristis from Highlands Co.

Remember, all, that the maps from the Florida Breeding Bird Atlas are available on the Internet and you can see from the Common Mynah map that the range of this species on Florida's Atlantic Coast has apparently not changed based on the brief discussion on this listserv. This 2003 Highlands County record is apparently a range extension into the Heartland region of the Florida Peninsula.

Fred Lohrer
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