Michael Chakan of Lakeland FL has sent the following message:

>Today while cyclebirding the Van-Fleet Trail out of Polk City as I
approached  Dean Still Road, I decided to turn west onto Dean Still Road and
search the fields for a Sand Hill Crane to add to my trip list. I traveled
one point nine miles from the trail and spotted what I thought was another
Great Egret. However, as I got closer to the bird foraging in the field I
found to my surprise that it was a beautiful Whooping Crane! This was at
9:30AM. After taking some video (still capture attached) I continued on my
ride. Forty miles later on my return I decided to check the field out again.
The Whooping Crane was still there. This was 12:30. I don't know if he is
always here or just happened to be here today. I will be checking this out
on future rides. If anybody close by goes to check this out the field is one
point nine miles west of the Van Fleet Trail crossing. There is a tall
>communications tower a thousand yards directly opposite the field.

The photo of the Whooping Crane is attached to this message for the archives
and the larger version has been added to the website at

Many thanks, Michael.  It is a nice FOURTH OF JULY present.

I have wanted a good photo of this species for quite a while and it is a
great addition to our list of Florida species for the archives and the
website.  Of course, we all know it is not a countable species for those
that keep ABA lists but I am sure it is on many persons' lists,
nevertheless.  Florida is very
fortunate to have the program that may save this species for future

 = Michael Chakan

Barbara Passmore