I have a couple of questions that some might be able to answer.

1.  I was reading Bill's CBC account for this past winter and he mentions
the Tropical Kingbird at St. Marks.  I was under the impression that a
firm was ID was never established.  If someone did get a good
vocalization, let me know so I can update my records.  I was assuming it
was the same bird from the previous year, but was not sure.  As of now I
have it listed as Tropical/Couches.  Also I think Barbara still has it
listed as Tropical/Couches in the photo archives.

2.  I have a small overgrown pond (circa 1 acre) abutting my backyard and
there is a larger pond (circa 20 acres) nearby.  For the past month or so
I have been hearing what sound like Mallards but have not gotten a look
at them (thick brush all around the pond, lots of dead brush from last
year when it dried down).  It could always be domestics, but the habitat
seems too wild for domestics.  I know that Mallards have bred in Florida,
but don't know if Leon Co. is included.  Alternatively, what would the
possibilities be for slightly out of range mottled ducks?

Thanks in advance for any info.

Have fun,

Tom Curtis
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