Recently there have been some posts about relatively large numbers of
Roseate Spoonbills near Jacksonville and New Port Richey.  Very likely,
we are seeing signs of the "postbreeding dispersal" of spoonbills,
especially newly independent young, northward.  Last year four
spoonbills made it to Ohio, and others to northeastern Mississippi
(along with some radio-tagged Wood Storks raised in the Everglades).
Most, of course, will be found along Florida coastlines, with some birds
wandering farther north.  They'll come back south with the cold fronts
of October.

But I digress.  Audubon requests your help.  Audubon and the U.S.
Geological Survey (Biological Research Division) are collaborating on a
multi-year study of spoonbill movements and survival.  This year
nestlings were color-banded above the "heel" in Florida Bay and Tampa
Bay.  Florida Bay birds were marked with black anodized aluminum bands,
and Tampa Bay birds with red (actually, sort of a hot pink).  A
two-digit code was used, one letter and one numeral.  An aluminum Fish
and Wildlife Service band was placed on the opposite leg, below the
heel (i.e., above the foot).

If you see a color-banded spoonbill, please read and record the color of the
band, the alphanumeric code, (only if you have a very clear view--do not 
guess at the number; if you are not 100% sure of the both digits, please indicate 
that band could not be read),  and whether the color band is on the left or 
right leg.  For example, your report might read:  "ALUMINUM RIGHT, RED P4 
LEFT."  Please send your report to the Bird Banding Laboratory in Laurel, MD 
(, and either Dr. Jerry Lorenz of 
Audubon's Tavernier Science Center ([log in to unmask]) or me 
([log in to unmask])

Thanks very much!

Rich Paul

Richard T. Paul, Manager
Florida Coastal Islands Sanctuaries
Audubon of Florida
410 Ware Blvd., Suite 702
Tampa, FL  33619
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