News of Interest for Gator Amateur Radio Club:

* EMWIN Project -- Dish installed
* APRS Digipeater -- W4DFU-10
* Starke Hamfest -- Sat. Oct. 11th
* Next Club Meeting -- Tues. Oct 7th 7pm Club Station
* GARC Float in Homecoming Parade -- Friday Nov. 7th

The EMWIN project completed another milestone on September 19th when the
satellite dish was finally installed.  It took all day that Friday, but
the Physical Plant staff inspected the work and said it was ok.  The
satellite receiver is getting the data and Todd Sherman is configuring the
software to use the feed from the satellite.  A big round of thanks go to
Brad Tyler, K4LDX, of Satellite Services and GARS member; Joe DiPietro
N2UF; and Shannon Boal, K4GLM for helping Todd Sherman, KB4MHH and myself
Jeff Capehart W4UFL with this huge task.  These guys did a great job
pulling together and getting it done in one day.  Here are some photos
from the installation:

The APRS Digipeater has been officially switched over to W4DFU-10.  Sonny
Lewis, AG4PX, has been very helpful with the re-assignment.  GARC now has
access to the cabinet in penthouse on top of the Dental Tower.  A
lightning strike recently knocked out the power supply and the digi was
operating at low power on a small 7-amp power supply.  The power supply
over-heated and couldn't supply the APRS digi with enough power.  A
battery was installed temporarily and a fan placed on the PS to cool it.
However, without the high-power output, the coverage range of the APRS
digi has been severely reduced, so getting full power back is a priority.
The APRS frequency is 144.390 and is a national network.  For more
information on APRS, the Automated Position Reporting System, please visit
this web site:   OR

The Starke Hamfest is Saturday October 11th from 8am-3pm.  GARC has had a
table there just about every year for the past 5 or 6 years.  Is anyone
interested in going?  We will probably take some miscellaneous ham-radio
junk that was 'donated' to the club and offer it for sale.  Additional
donations are welcome.  Help is requested for staffing the "club table" at
the hamfest.  It will probably be a short one... usually pretty much over
by 11 am - noon.  A bulletin is on the repeater to announce the hamfest.
Admission is $4 per person.  Talk in 145.150- Doors open 8:00 am. For more
information please visit:

If anyone is interested in getting together for a club picnic Saturday
October 11th after the Starke Hamfest (around 1 p.m.) email me.

The next club meeting is Tuesday October 7th at the club station at 7pm.

The UF Homecoming parade will be a month away, so the float design and
preparations will need to be finalized.

Jeff Capehart

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