GARC Members,
Please bear with the long email.  If you have to, print it out and take it with you, or come back and read it in more than one sitting.  With my busy 18 credit-hour law school schedule and work 13 hours/week, if I find the time to write it then you can certainly read it at some point before the next club meeting.
Homecoming Parade
The paperwork was submitted by email on Sept 1.  I was informed by Matthew Wein, Parade Director, that he was unable to open either of the attachments, so I faxed the application and drawing from the Law School's Student Affairs office on Sept. 4 (the deadline day).  I have not yet heard anything further on the issue to confirm receipt or to request any further information.  Per Susan Tipton, the parade starts at noon on Nov. 7 but we must be lined up at 10:00AM.  We will need to solicit area stores for donations for this year's float since we plan to use a float that we can ride on instead of just using the gator on the tower trailer.
Registered Student Organization Status
Dr. Couch signed advisor's line on the form at last Tuesday's meeting.  Matthew Henry signed the President's line on the form.  Nicole Favreau signed the Treasurer's line.  I turned in the application to the Student Activities Office this afternoon.  They gave me a GARC account name and password with which to provide them with additional information about our club online (I'll get to it this week) and to use when applying for events online.  Come January, during our regular elections, we will need to get GARC lined up for the coming year (I'm graduating and Dr. Couch is seeking to relinquish the faculty advisor position).  Secretary was not required for the application, so no name was given at this time.
Monthly Budget/Account Statement
While I was at the Reitz Union, I picked up our account statements for July and August.  At that time, I was also handed signature cards for the President and Treasurer to fill out and return after reviewing the Student Government Fiscal Policies CD that she handed me.  The President and Treasurer also have make an appointment to meet with the Student Government Treasurer.
While I was getting the statements, Paul Meyers, the Business Manager for Student Government, overheard who I was and asked for my help.  He needs some information about our new HF Rotor, including serial number, building number, room number, and UF decal (or report that it needs a decal).  Plus, the auditors want to know when they can go to the club station to take inventory of our decaled items.  A list of these items was handed to me and I am supposed to email Mr. Meyers back with a time when all those items will be gathered at the station and when someone will be there to let the auditor in.  I'm not sure when I can do this, so volunteers are welcome.
Special/Emergency Request Funds
I was directed by Paul Meyers to speak with Glenda, the Senate Secretary, to discuss our request for special funds to cover our climbing safety equipment and lightning arrestors.  However, Glenda was not in the office today.  I was told she is also the person to see to find out who our Senate representative is to get such bills introduced, and to get a bill introduced if we want to declare our support for the evicted UCF ham radio club.
Lighthouse Weekend QSL's
The floppy disk that I saved the log file to from the Lighthouse weekend was defective and as a result the log file from the GARS laptop had holes in it from corruption.  Various people are working with Warren Croke to get me a new copy of the C:\TR\LIGHTHOUS.DAT file so that I may combine the log on my laptop with that log during a brief moment when I am not bogged down by law school and work.  The QSL cards have not yet been printed, and incoming cards are being forwarded to Carol Chesney, who is graciously managing the contacts.  The Lighthouse Weekend was a fun event.  We want to thank everyone who made it possible for us to get boated out to Seahorse Key and then stay inside the lighthouse on this restricted island.  Some pictures are on the club's website, but eventually, I will combine my pictures with Warren Croke's pictures and then be able to make a CD for anyone wanting them.
Damaged Equipment
Per Jeff Capehart: Ray was working on repairing the ICOM IC-910 radio.  David is working on the power supply from the APRS Digipeater that was damaged.  There may be some parts involved for those but I think we can cover it.
Antenna Party
We need to set a date for installing the new HF rotor and making some other repairs.  This needs to be done in advance so that we can request on loan climbing and safety equipment.  My weekdays are shot but there are some weekends where it might be feasible, provided that we are still permitted to work on the DSB roof on weekends.  (Offhand, I know that I have other plans for last weekend of September).  It was suggested that since the rotor and antenna are so heavy that two climbing belts may be needed (if obtainable) to perform the installation.
Student Organization Fair & Club Picnic
The original idea was to have a club picnic at Lake Wauberg on Oct. 11.  We would push this out to all the students stopping by our table at the Org Fair and we would advertise it on campus channel 8.  However, I was told that IDEAL is no longer accepting applications for the Student Organization Fair because they are full.  Apparently, there are more organizations than space on the Reitz Union colonnade and lawn, or IDEAL does not want to deal with more than a certain manageable number of organizations.  They would not let me apply for the SOF earlier because we were not yet a "registered" student organization.  I know that other must also be excluded from the SOF, because at least three other organization registration forms were turned in today just before I was handing ours in.  So, does Oct. 11 still sound like a good day for a picnic at Lake Wauberg (we could still announce it on CH8 along with an advertisement for our meetings)?  Also, would a different venue be more appealing to you with consideration for the fact that we are also trying to attract new students.  Please respond with your preference soon so that I can get the word out on via the listserve and CH8.
SEDAN, Converting Radio with Joe, the 6-meter rig, sending back the ICOM for repairs, etc.  I know nothing about these items.  They will be discussed again at the next meeting, but if you have an interest in helping with any of these projects, please contact Jeff Capehart to let him know.
UCF Club
David Price brought it to our attention that the UCF Amateur Radio Club is being evicted from their club station after about 35 years at that location due to criticism that the antennas cause lightning damage and that the club performed unauthorized maintenance on the roof.  This information bolsters our need for emergency SG funds to comply with Physical Plant requests, OSHA guidelines, and Shands requests (including lightning arrestors).  Additionally, we think that it might be worthwhile to propose a bill for UF's SG senate to express our support for the UCF club.  I am trying to find out who our senate rep is now.
Open House
Station nights on every other Thursday of the month were what I was told.  Probably still true, but more information to come on this in the form of a reminder before the open house.  Anybody want to confirm which Thursdays and who will be there to make sure the door is open?
Club Meeting
We managed to have our last meeting in under an hour.  Next club meeting will be the first Tuesday of the month (October 7, 2003) at 7:00PM on the 11th Floor of the Dental Science Building, per usual.  Our Club Station is room D11-27 DSB but you will likely see a sign stating that you can find us just down the hall in the conference room (if it is available) in room D11-11 DSB because there is more room, comfy chairs, and a table.
Matthew Henry, KE4VEM
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