> Date:    Wed, 24 Sep 2003 08:37:20 -0500
> From:    Jan Norton <[log in to unmask]>
> Subject: Re: tutor productivity at walk-in centers
> I'm very interested in this productivity figure you're calculating and
> intend to calculate the same percentage for my center and share it
> here -- through that kind of sharing we can get a general sense of the
> industry.  But I do have a question: do any of your math and writing
> tutors work with more than one student at the same time?
> For example, an SI leader working three hours in a week, but being
> idle for 2 and working with 3 students for one of those hours, would
> still result in a 100% productivity.  An SI leader working one hour
> with three students would show as one hour of pay and three hours of
> tutoring -- 300%?

Yes, 300% productivity is possible and not just for an hour. Here is our Supplemental Instruction data from Summer 2002:

475.5   Total contact hours                                                                   
81.5     Total # of SI sessions                                                           ! 0;    <
**Well not quite 300%, actually 297%

At our walk-in center I look for at least 100% overall tutoring productivity. We had 120% in the Spring and 136% in the Fall. I don't want to sound like a commercial, but if you aren't currently using a computerized log-in system, I suggest Academic Programmers TimeKeeper. It easy to use and allows me to break down tutors and tutees by subject area so I can check the productivity (i.e. number of students and hours) of any group at anytime during the semester. This allows me to meet with the Spanish, English, math, etc. tutors and tell them how they are doing as a group.


Frank Henderson
Tutorial and Supplemental Instruction Coordinator
Hartnell Community College
"Life is like a bicycle. Some people need to learn how to ride."
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