Our college is reorganizing its learning support services. My title may be
changed to Coordinator of the Conwell Learning Center even though I will
still be doing the same job plus another job -- placement testing. I was
told that my title was changed because there will now be a Director of
Student Academic Support, who will be my supervisor and there cannot be two
people with the title of Director. This Director will also supervise the
Coordinator of Advising, the Coordinator of Experiential Learning, and the
full-time Administrative Assistant. These changes came about because the
college received a Title III grant.

I was told that I could suggest another title for my position. I suggested
that perhaps there may also be another title for the Director of Student
Academic Support. The concern about a title change for this new person is
that a different title may mean a higher salary.

Some background: I am working on my Ed.D. in Reading and Language Arts and
have an M.Ed. I also have two state certifications: Reading Specialist K-12
and Secondary English. The learning center is a fully-functioning language
lab, which provides tutoring across the curriculum, workshops, videos,
audios, and computer tutorials. It is also a media center equipped with an
international VCR, etc. Basically, the learning center houses

I have shown the Academic Dean the definitions for Director of Learning
Center and Coordinator of Learning Center from the
) and explained that my job description is still more in line with the
description for director.

I would appreciate any comments and suggestions for titles for me and this
new person.

Thanks and best regards,
Susan Kershaw
Director of the Conwell Learning Center
Rosemont College
1400 Montgomery Avenue
Rosemont, PA 19010
(610) 527-0200,x2399
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