I occasionally provide informal screenings for ADHD and/or LD as one of the
services available through my office.  I inherited the Jasper-Goldgerg Adult
ADD Screening Examination (v. 5) when I began working as the director of our
academic support services office last year.  I think it's a reasonably useful
screening instrument; it usually corroborates what I've already figured out
from the initial screening interview I do with students interested in finding
out about ADHD and whether it figures in their learning profile.  I could do
without them, I suppose, but it's helpful to have a research-based back up.
Are there other such instruments for ADHD that anyone's happy with?  Any
critiques of the Jasper-Goldberg?  Any helpful instruments for LD screenings?


Jeremy Holch
Director of Academic Support Services
Marlboro College
Marlboro, Vermont

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