VACANCY:  Instructor, English/Developmental Writing
(9 Months Per Year Position)




POSTED:  September 29, 2003


LOCATION:  Ankeny Campus


EMPLOYMENT DATE:  Spring Term - January 12, 2004


JOB SUMMARY:  Provides competency-based quality instruction in
accordance with the stated philosophy and objectives of the College.
Assignment may include evening or off-campus teaching, individualized
and/or competency-based instruction and/or distance learning.  Essential
Functions:  Teaches assigned courses in accordance with course
competencies and syllabi.  Develops and/or utilizes a variety of
instructional strategies, techniques and delivery methods designed to
meet the individual learning styles of students.  Fosters a safe and
civil learning environment.  Develops and maintains current course
syllabi and outlines; prepares lecture/lab and class materials.  Informs
students about course requirements, evaluation procedures, and
attendance policies.  Works collegially in an academic environment;
participates in College and program projects, events, and committee
work, including advisory committee activities and advising student
organizations.  Monitors, evaluates, and documents student attendance,
progress and competency attainment; submits related reports as required.
Maintains established office hours and is otherwise available to assist
students outside of the classroom.  Participates in the ongoing
development and revision of curriculum and course materials and
competencies, and in the selection of textbooks and other instructional
materials/equipment.  Advises students regarding their academic needs
and refers them for additional assistance as needed.  Promotes the
College and the program and assists in recruiting and marketing the
program to prospective students.  Participates in professional
development activities and stays current in his/her field.


REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS:  Master's degree in English or any Master's
degree and 12 graduate semester hours in English.  Demonstrated
communication and human relations skills and the ability to work with
administrators, colleagues, support staff, and traditional and
non-traditional students.  


DESIRABLE QUALIFICATIONS:  Master's degree in Composition with a major
emphasis on Developmental writing.  Two years or more of teaching
experience which includes Developmental writing courses.  Administrative
experience in development writing and studies.  Demonstrated proficiency
working with populations possessing diverse values, and/or coming from
varied cultures and backgrounds.


SALARY:  Per Faculty Salary Schedule


BENEFITS:  Health and dental coverage, life insurance, long term
disability insurance, IPERS or      TIAA-CREF retirement; 15 days of
sick leave, 2 days of personal business leave.


REVIEW DATE:  To guarantee that your application will be forwarded to
the hiring authority for consideration, your completed application
materials must be received no later than October 24, 2003. 

If you have questions about your status during the hiring process, you
may call (515) 964-6429 after the 

review date.


THIS VACANCY REQUIRES:  (1) Submission of transcripts with your
application materials.  Copies are  

acceptable. (2) Completion of the Application insert form (P-17).




To apply for this position, you may print our Employment Application
form and FAX or send it to us, or if you have Adobe Acrobat 4.0, you may
complete the application on-line and send it to us electronically.

Click here. <> 




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