It's going to be my first ARMA meeting too, so I can't speak to that. But I
did do my grad school stint in Boston, so I may be able to help out there.

If you're into really good Italian food, head up to the North End. There's
some of the best cannoli there - melt in your mouth. Plus some great coffee
shops if you are looking for a 'real' coffee - not an 'American' coffee, as
it was once explained to me - or espresso. ;) Looking for Chinese food, hop
on the 'T' to Downtown Crossing.

The Boston Museum of Fine Art is a good catch. I believe it is even free on
Wednesday evenings if you're around after the meeting. So is the Museum of
Science - they've got an OmniMax theater there.

There's the theater district not to far away from the meeting site.

Shopping opportunities abound all over. Newbury Street has lots of shops.
The famous Filene's Basement is at Downtown Crossing. Touristy shopping is
at Fanuil Hall in the North End.

A moving experience is the Holocaust Memorial in (or near) the North End.
Tall glass structures with the identification numbers of each of the
prisoners at the camps.

If you want to go a little bit away from downtown Boston, there's more to
see. Hop on a commuter train south and visit Plymouth. Or hop on a commuter
train north to Salem. I'm sure this time of year they are having all sorts
of activities relating to the Salem witch trials. If witches aren't your
thing, you can take the train to Lowell - the home of textile mills. If
you've rented a car, a short drive south will take you to the Blue Hills, a
place to catch some of the southern end of the famous New England fall

That's my little $.02 guide to the area. In reality, there's so much to do
in the area that a 2 week trip would be packed. These were just a few ideas
beyond the Freedom Trail usuals that appear in guides.

Safe travels!

                      Frank White
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As a newcomer to RIM and ARMA, I'm looking for tips on what's hot at the
Boston ARMA Conference.

What conference events, presentations, speakers are MUST SEE?

And what about Boston itself -- what shows, restaurants, museums and
galleries are not to be missed?


Frank White

Frank White
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