>As a newcomer to RIM and ARMA, I'm looking for tips on what's hot at the
>Boston ARMA Conference.

Seeing as you've found the List, I'd suggest you start out with finding the
Listserv Party on Saturday Night... unfortunately, I'll be missing it this
year, but you should not!!!

Being new to ARMA, I'd suggest you take FULL advantage of Sunday.  The ISG
breakout sessions are on Sunday morning until Noon... find the one(s) that
you fit into and sit on in and make some industry specific pals.  Then
there is an early session sponsored by the ARMA International Education
Foundation on E-Mail destruction legal obstacles, presented by a couple of
the leading authorities on the subject from the RIM standpoint OR at the
same time there is a session on how to get the most out of your ARMA
membership... so if you don't need to hear about E-mail, the other session
will answer one of your areas of concern.  Then, depending on your
organization's direction in RIM, you can hopscotch between a range of very
interesting sessions on implementing EDMS/ERMS, managing electronic
records, legal concerns, managing legacy paper records in an electronic
environment, developing retention programs or go for the single course 3
hour offering on starting a RM program from scratch... if you take this
option, bring all your questions and don't be shy about asking them!!!

Similar to Sunday, Monday offers a wide range of sessions to pick and
choose from, and make sure you get to the Candidate Forum from 12:45 to
1:45 so you get an opportunity to hear the viewpoints and opinions of
prospective candidates for office in ARMA International.  Remember, if you
don't vote, you don't have the right to complain about the position the
association takes!!  Four people will be elected to 3-year terms as
Association Directors, so the selections you make will shape the future of
YOUR professional association!   One session I wouldn't miss is being
delivered by Patrick Cunningham, CRM on the "evolving roles and
competencies of RIMs"... and the panel discussion on "the CEO is listening"
should also be a valuable one.

Tuesday is also peppered with good offerings, but in the morning I'd rate
Virginia Jones, CRM as a must-see on "the 5 w's of records and information
protection" as well as Alan Andolsen CMC, CRM on "RM ethics".  The
afternoon offers the debut of the "poster sessions"and another wide range
of topics, depending on initiatives you're involved in.

Wednesday offers a good chance to either select from a "smorgasbord of
sessions" or attend a 3-hour session on one of two topics... with you being
new to RIM, you may want to consider the session on "the view from both
sides, Management and the RM" to get a better understanding of what your
organizations expectations might be and what your challenges in meeting
them are likely to be.

And don't miss the exhibit hall... be sure to check out the ARMA Bookstore,
go by the FIRELOCK booth and wake up Hugh  (just yell FIRE and he'll jump!)
and if you want an Iron Mountain pin, get it early, because they don't
last... I'll be missing out on mine this year =(

Have a great time.... learn a lot... meet the candidates... introduce
yourself to EVERYONE who is wearing a badge ribbon that says BOARD
MEMBER... and tell everyone you meet that Larry Medina says "Hi"


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