I've recently been hit with a flurry of virus-infected emails (the
Dumaru virus for those keeping track) that *appear* to be originating
from a IP address (I like to play virus detective). Since I
use this (Yahoo) email address for very few things, it is possible that
someone in RECMGMT-L land has an infected PC. It is also possible that
this IP address is being spoofed by the virus, but since it does check
out to a range at Comcast, thought I'd ask those of you who use Comcast
to check your PC for an infection. The virus was first seen around
August 19 of this year, so virus definitions after that date should
detect it.

More info on Dumaru is here:
http:[log in to unmask]

It's a kinda nasty bugger in that it looks like something from
Microsoft and asks you to run an executable program purported to update
and protect your PC from viruses. Yep, run that puppy and you're
operating your very own virus factory.

So.... if you are on Comcast and/or you ran a program purportedly from
Microsoft that you got in email, you'll want to do some hygenic work on
your PC.

Patrick Cunningham, CRM

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