I recognize this is not going to be scientific, but I'll ask the
question anyhow. A colleague and I were talking about records
management departments that we know of and think highly of and we think
we have an entirely too short list, because the list of companies seems
to start and stop with our own <just kidding>.

So, if someone came up to you on the street and asked you to name a
couple of records management programs (and I don't mean software) that
you are familiar with and admire, which ones would they be?

Try to avoid self-nomination. If your operation is good and people know
about you, your company will be recognized.

Again, the basic criteria here is to think about what other records
management departments come to mind if someone asks you whose programs
you've heard about and think they might just be firing on all
cylinders. One of the things that we struggled with was separating the
person we know running the program from the value-add of the program
itself. There's lots of great records managers out there who have to
fight support battles every day and could have a world-class program if
they had the right resources. So this kinda needs to transcend
personalities. And don't feel that you have to justify the choice. Just
throw out the first names of organizations that come to mind.

The first two in my head are Ford (since they won the Iron Mountain
award) and GM (they are still putting their program together, but have
an interesting approach -- I highly recommend that folks going to the
ARMA Conference hear that presentation -- 4pm, Sunday). That's by no
means an exclusive or exhaustive list, but two very large organizations
that at least talk a very good game.

Patrick Cunningham, CRM

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