Greetings to all,

You may be interested in hearing that ARMA International's Standards
Development Committee recently started a new project called ISO 15489
Implementation Task Force which held its first teleconference call
yesterday.  The purpose of the task force is to promote a better
understanding, knowledge, awareness and acceptance of ISO 15489 Information
and Documentation - Records Management and to highlight the benefits of
implementing the standard.

One of the goals of the task force will be to gather and share information
on the standard and resources available to records management professionals.
If any one knows of other implementation, promotional or assessment
projects, I would very much like to hear from you.

The task force will be meeting at the ARMA Conference.  You can contact me
for more information.

Rainer Naus, CRM
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP
Corporate Records Management
Telephone: 302.886-3057
Fax: 302.886-2459
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Subject: Re: ISO 15489 - Federal Government Agencies in Compliance?

Hi all,

At our last meeting of ISO TC46 SC11 (the committee responsible for
ISO15489) in Rome, a new working group was initiated WG4 - Self Assessment
Guide for ISO 15489.  Some of the work that will be incorporated into this
will be based on the "Compliance Standard for AS ISO 15489" which is coming
out of Australia.  Hopefully this will be released as an Interim Standard
Dec03 or early 04.


David Moldrich
Chair, ISO TC46 SC11
Chair, IT21

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Subject: Re: ISO 15489 - Federal Government Agencies in Compliance?


As far as I'm aware there is no certification process for ISO15489, unlike
the ISO 9000 QA series. Nor have I heard that any is planned, but maybe
the dedicated souls out there who manage to find time to participate in
the various national and international standards committees can comment?

Up here in NSW Australia, state government organisations are periodically
audited by NSW State Records for compliance with their standards, which
are based heavily on ISO15489 and its Australian predecessor. But the
first ever and most recent audit was at a very high level (eg do you have
a designated senior officer responsible for RM? do you have an RM policy?
Has it been promulgated to all staff?). No doubt subsequent audits will
drill down a little deeper. But the outcome of the audit is not some sort
of certification that we can add to the ISO 9000 logo on the doors of all
the car fleet.

For information on the State Records audit:

For the 2002 audit report itself:

I should also mention that the audit process was very useful to me, the
mere mention of the dread word 'audit' meant my draft DRM Policy, which
had spent months bobbing its way through the review / revise cycle towards
the Executive agenda, suddenly appeared on the agenda and was approved in

Oh, and I've also had at least two software vendors tell me proudly that
they have given ISO15489 to their software development team as a
functional spec! And they wondered why I burst out laughing and then got
very rude about their level of understanding of our profession.



Glenn Sanders MRMA
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