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I think you have to ask what constitutes "keeping a web page"; records are
only records if they are kept in context, and the context of a web page
consists at least in the other pages that surround it (if not the entire
Internet at the time that page formed part of it!). So, many organisations
archive their whole website as a unit - although whether they'll be able to
read that archive in 7 years is another question... Then of course there's a
whole set of questions about dynamically-created pages, capturing
interactions between user and website, and so on.

If the web pages are reasonably distinct then they can be retained on the
basis of content, as with any other record. You need to think about what's
being recorded here: if, for instance, a web page contains information about
a company's product, then the purpose of retaining the page is to record the
fact that this was the published information at that date (in case of claims
etc): the information itself will be recorded in internal company documents.
The conditions in which the fact of publication needs to be recorded are
fairly rare and specific.

In brief, I would find any general statement "you must keep web pages for x
years" to be highly dubious.


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