Here's a short piece I used in a knowledge management presentation.  It
should not be hard to find additional information with a bit of research.
Amount the Wonders of the World was the famous Alexandria Library.  We
probably all learned about it our early school days.

It was the largest and most famous of the ancient collections of scrolls.
Founded at the behest of  Alexander the Great.  The Egyptian rulers Ptolemy
(tal e me) I and Ptolemy II developed it in the 3rd Century BC.   It
contained over 400,000 scrolls.

Unfortunately it was destroyed, for the most part, during the siege of
Julius Caesar in 47 BC and during several later sieges.

The way I see it, scrolls are more like documents than books, ergo, this had
to be the largest records center of its time.

Rainer Naus, CRM

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I previously sent this email out but had the wrong subject title so I am
re-sending.  By the way I already have the book, 'Archives in the Ancient
World' by Ernst Posner.  Any other suggestions?

Here is the original note I wrote:
Can anyone out there give me leads on worthwhile books/articles dealing with
ancient archives and how earlier civilizations handled their record
management?  Any insights or information towards my graduate thesis will be
greatly appreciated!

Thank you,


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