1.) Yes and no.  The need for records management is well known as is its
contribution of good business practices.  What appears to be lacking is a
good definition of what records management is.

2.) No.

3.) I do not feel like I am in a "2nd citizen profession".  I feel more like
I am in a very specialized profession that few understand and many don't
know exists.  Kind of like the guy who used to clean the tips of the Leroy's
when they were clogged.  Absolutely essential, but behind the scenes.


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This message was posted by Bill Benedon, CRM, FAI on the ARMA Forum and I
would like to (with Bill's permission) pose the same questions to a larger

Thanks!  Larry

ARMA is approaching its 50th year as an organization representing the
records and information management profession. It's membership approximates
10,000, The ICRM is over 25 years old in its testing and certification
program. Three questions:

1. Do you feel that you are in a well recognized profession and one that
business and government management feel is essential to good business

2. Close to a year ago ARMA produced a white paper that was intended to
promote the profession. Recently KMWorld published a white paper on the
subject. Have either of these publications been mentioned by your management
or used by you to further recognition of your position?

3. If you feel like you are in a 2nd citizen profession, what do you think
your organization can do to improve this situation? (By "your organization"
Bill was speaking about your Professional Association, presumably ARMA for
those who are members)

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