>Ask not what your organizatin can do for you, ask what you can do for
>yourself. If you want to be successful, don't wait for someone else to
>do it for you, do it yourself.

Well, I guess you missed the point of the question(s) then.

The fact that the introduction to the questions mentioned ARMA's pending
50th anniversary and ICRM's 25th had nothing to do with the questions on
the whole, it was merely a statement of fact.   Secondly, I don't think
these were asked in the spirit of "what others can do for you" as much as
an attempt to determine the perception of members of the profession (not OF
ARMA) as to how the profession and professionals working in it are viewed.

The first question had nothing to do with ARMA at all.

The second was an attempt to gauge the value/effectiveness of literature
produced on the profession for consumption by management. One was produced
by ARMA; the other by KMWorld.

The third was related to ARMA, IF you're a member... (or whatever other
professional organization you belong to if you're not) and asked if you
think there is anything your organization could do to help you feel more
valued for your efforts.

>If you don't like ARMA, get out or change
>it. sitting back and complaining accomplishes nothing.

Thanks for the advice... I've been attempting to do that, but seeing as I'm
paying dues anyway... I do have the right to certain expectations and  I
also have the right to complain.

I've been a member for 20 years, have been active in IAC and ISG programs,
am a member (currently) of the Standards Development Committee and am the
President of the Golden Gate Chapter... so while I may be complaining, I'm
not sitting back and doing it.

>(views my own, yes I'm a member of ARMA, no I don't participate in
>fixing it or complaining about it being broken, yes I'll be at the
>conference in Boston, happy to chat with anyone.)

My views are my own as well, I DO participate in trying to fix it (which is
in part WHY I posted the message) and I'm proud to say I complain about it
being broken, because if everyone sits back and ignores it, they won't
think it's broken... and I won't be at the Conference in Boston, but I'm
STILL happy to share opinions with anyone.


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