I am new to the list and am about to begin my first
position as 'only' a records manager. I've been in
libraries for a number of years (public, corporate,
academic) and caring for and disposing of the entity's
(city, county, institution or company) records were
always a part of my job. Iíve decided to give up the
Ďotherí stuff for a while and try doing one thing for
a change.

The reason for my post is this - the county government
I will be working for has purchased Onbase (from their
site "document imaging, COLD/ERM, document management,
and workflow into a single web-enabled application")
and my first task will be getting it up and running. I
have the HR department as the 'test case' for the

I am hoping the list members have suggestions, lists
of things to avoid, etc. Any and all suggestions are
welcome. Since I was not there for product or
department selection I want to make the best of
whatever may come at me.

I was around for libraries being automated (and
re-automated) and I'd like to avoid some of the pain
that comes with such a process. Not being completely
in or out of records management, I can imagine some of
the same problems coming up (naming standards and
access points in library jargon), but I am sure there
are a whole other set to be dealt with.

Feel free to respond to me off the list, I will gladly
summarize if there is interest.

Many thanks,
Tracy Swank
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