>>"Paperless" is a fallacy.<<

Paperless today is the exception rather than the rule.  It will remain so
until the current generation of RM's is gone.  While we sit here wringing
our hands about the failure of formats and media, others are working on new
technology that will retain information for long periods of time.  Frankly,
this may be the last generation of RM.  Someone else is going to solve the
problem, without our participation.  When it happens, we will be irrelevant.
Think it won't happen? Twenty years ago, the office was full of file clerks.
Today there are virtually none.  Twenty years from now, the same will happen
to us unless we participate in the process.

>>With today's technology the copier/lazer/inkjet copy is more stable.<<

Interesting comment.  If I recall correctly, there are states that do not
allow "permanent" records to be printed with laser printers.  Over time
laser ink detaches from paper and literally turns to dust.  Paper quality is
rapidly deteriorating.  Much of the paper today contains high levels of pulp
and recycled material. Not the best.

Personally, I think the Brits have it right, I think we should go back to
parchment.  Paper is a poor substitute.

Bill Roach, CRM
Enterprise EDMS Coordinator
State of North Dakota
ITD/Records Management

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