Where I currently work, we have many desk size shredders throughout the
company.  There is also a large Cummins for higher volume shredding.  This
shredder is used mainly by the HR and Finance departments, although other
areas also use it.  I use it when needed.  The departments using it take
care of their own shredding.  We have had it for over 3 years and have had
no problems with it.  This particular machine replaced an old Cummins.  The
old machine is still in use at one of our plants that doesn't do the volume
of shredding done at the administrative offices.

At my previous job, I used a commercial shredding service.  Due to the
Corporate Counsel's request, I would supervise the loading of the records,
follow the truck to their facility and then observe the shredding.  I still
use this company occasionally, but because of a long term business
relationship with them, I feel comfortable with their operations and I no
longer supervise the shredding.

They charge by the pound.  I don't have the cost available right now, but I
suspect it varies depending upon the area of the country you are in.  There
are companies that shred right into a truck while at your location, but you
will pay more for that service.

My advice would be to check out the companies in  your area.  Pay them a
visit.  See what kind of security they have.  Take a look at some of the
records that have been shredded to see if you can still read information.
There is a lot of differences between the different shredders used by
commercial companies.  Be sure the end product is acceptable for your
records.  Ask if their employees are bonded and how much turn-over they
have.  Just as with any vendor, you want to do your homework first and deal
with reputable firms.

Janet Nelson CRM
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