The retired State Records Manager from Montana is interested is assisting
with disaster recovery efforts for states that had records damage from the
recent hurricane.  If you need help in this area, please contact Ed Eaton at
406-431-1282 or e-mail him at [log in to unmask]


Lynn L. Keller
Secretary of State's Office
Records Management Bureau
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All e-mail messages using state government systems that are sent or received
in the normal course of business and that can function as evidence of
business transactions are--regardless of the medium--part of the records of
the agency and must be managed in accordance with the Public Records
Management Act (2-6-Part 2, M.C.A.) and with the "Montana E-mail
Guidelines."  The message content determines how long the record will be
maintained based on an approved retention schedule. Contact your agency
records officer or the State Records Management Bureau (444-9000).

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