I agree that it's not being done real well, but I still think that it's
right for the hotel to pay some (relatively small) amount.  I've never
worked in a library (but I've been in one many times), however I assume that
the Dewey decimal system is pretty good and therefore it's right that these
people receive money to assist in their time and effort in promoting this
system and helping libraries adopt it.  And if the only way they can do that
is to take people to court who haven't got the decency to respond to letters
civilly, then more power to them, I reckon (unfortunate though that is).

Grahame Gould
Records Manager

P.S. These are my own, relatively-uninformed opinions, but I hope they
promote discussion.  It's one of the best ways for me to learn things.
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Sorry Grahame, I'd rather OCLC didn't copy Microsoft and the RIAA, all
that does is give lots of free publicity to the hotel. They should instead
look for opportunities to exploit the publicity (erotic literature, the
mind boggles) to the improvement of the long-suffering image of all us


Glenn (and my hair isn't quite long enough to put up in a bun)

Glenn Sanders MRMA
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These views are mine alone. They may or may not be those of any previous
or present
employers or clients. I don't know. If I'd asked and they'd agreed, I
would have signed
it "Bloggs and Co and Glenn". Or whatever. But I haven't, so I didn't.

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