Univ. sends e-mail addresses
Published , August 21, 2003, 06:00:01 AM EDT
In these days of growing Internet technology, not only do students have to
with calls from telemarketers, but with e-mails as well.
An Indiana based company, Study Australia, has obtained copies of the e-mail
addresses of the entire student body. (

DesMoines Register
E-mail retrieval to cost state unit $10,550
Register Staff Writers
A state technology agency will have to absorb the $10,550 expense of
retrieving e-mail messages from the office of Gov. Tom Vilsack.
The work was done after officials in the governor's office acknowledged they
failed to publicly disclose certain e-mails stored on their own computers,
then destroyed a
backup system that had archived the messages. (

Marion Star 8/25/03
Transcript fees now 10 cents per page
The Marion Star
MARION -- A disagreement about court transcript fees has gone full circle
after a state appellate court ruling and two different readings of the law.
The rate for transcript copies at the Marion County Clerk of Courts office is
now 10 cents a page, no matter who requests a copy. That's 95 cents cheaper
than a previous courtordered fee and a nickel more expensive than when two
county officials started a dispute that reached the Third District Court of
Appeals. (

The Guardian
All the thrills, and the chills, of
the Whitehall paper chase
Nicholas Jones
Monday August 25, 2003
The Guardian
For any journalist who has made the annual post-Christmas
pilgrimage to the public record office at Kew to prepare for the
publication each New Year's Day of the Cabinet Office records,
Saturday afternoon was a moment beyond our wildest expectations.
There on the website for the inquiry into Dr David Kelly's death - - were more than 900 documents
running to around 9,000 pages, representing most of the written
evidence obtained by Lord Hutton.,13747,1028861,00.html (

The Capital Times
Jeff Hovind: Records fix was the right thing
By Jeff Hovind
August 26, 2003
Against the backdrop of bitter partisan fighting
over the state budget, there was a flagrant act of
good government committed in Madison this
political season. (

Commission to discuss disposal of
Wed, Aug 27, 2003
GOSHEN -- Legal disposal or destruction of public records will be
discussed by an oversight commission Sept. 25.
The 10 a.m. meeting will be in Room 106 of the Elkhart County
Administration Building, 117 N. Second St., Goshen. The group meets
occasionally to clear financial or court records from the county archive
after certain timetables are met. Generally, public records are kept for
three years, and court documents may be kept for longer periods or
indefinitely. (

Knoxville News-Sentinel
Judge: Depositions by both Shumakers are
public records
By J.J. STAMBAUGH, [log in to unmask]
August 29, 2003
LOUISVILLE, Ky. - The deposition former University of Tennessee
President John Shumaker gave for his recent divorce trial will be
made available to the press and public, a judge ruled Thursday.
Jefferson County Family Court Judge Eleanore Garber also ruled that
the deposition of Shumaker's former wife, Lucy Shumaker, and the
deposition of Mark Ament, the attorney Shumaker hired last year to
negotiate a compensation package with UT, also are public records,
although a small part of Lucy Shumaker's deposition will likely be
sealed because of its "highly personal nature.",1406,KNS_347_2218155,00.html

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