Teresa you may have made a comment in jest, but maybe you are shedding light
where there is darkness too!  My husband is a safety consultant for several
large automobile dealerships in Houston.  Certain staff are asking about
securing records, mobile shelving, etc.  Never once have they thought to
contact any records management organization. (And here we have a large ARMA
community in Houston) And, the sad fact is I know that company has a
national records manager who is in ARMA. Why was the ball dropped for SOX in
that corporation from a records point of view? Instead the financial group
is defining how to manage their records, not the records management group.
Administrative and consultants (non-RIM) will coordinate the protection,
control, and access to the records.

I agree we (ARMA) have missed many boats.  The CPAs, Auditors, and Attorneys
were prepared for revenue for SOX and other regs. Accountants may have
messed up with Arthur Anderson, Enron, WorldCom and others--but they are
fighting and bouncing back. Where are we (ARMA) as an organization?  No
certifications or such on HIPPA or SOX--not any that stand up and give us
VERY STRONG cross-industry credibility.  Where are we on the USA Patriot Act
and what all of the financial institutions are doing for records? Have you
seen how many industries impacted by just that one act? I have attended
several training courses in the last several weeks on records management for
banking.  No one had heard of ARMA--they are all in compliance
positions--now records management per the government regs is their
responsibility not a records manager. They think records managers only
manage the boxes in offsite storage. The compliance officer is required to
monitor regulatory compliance for the bank, not a records manager.  We, as
an group, have lost a very valuable toe-hold.  We (ARMA) did not stay on top
of the SEC, HIPPA, SOX, US Patriot Act, AML, CIP --they are all regs that
contain records management requirements.  Where was ARMA when the financial
regs for banking defined who would now be responsible for records management

Standards are great and have their place in business. But we have so many
contradicting each other for each industry.  The sad fact is when ISO was
created years ago, the whole intent was to avoid that, now they are just a
great big document generator for the whole world with each special interest
group trying to define and submit a piece of the pie.  Do you know how many
ISO standards there are?  But standards are just that they are not a law.
All of the blood, sweat, tears that ARMA members put into those documents,
are invalidated if we cannot also be recognized and validated in laws and
legislation too.

The first step is trying to monitor the legislative proposals going to
congress.  Doing so is a daunting task.  But chasing the rabbit instead of
inventing the game, will fail our industry in the long run.  When reading
legislative comments on how to manage banking records, I never saw any
official comments from ARMA.  Did I miss them?  I wish so, but now the law
is active and it is way too late for records managers to be the controlling
factor of records in those regs.

The bobble head doll of the librarian depicts what many people think of
archivists and records managers.  Many facets of business management still
have us dealing with paper and boxes.  And if lucky, building retention
schedules.  We have many, many gifted people in the RIM industry, their
value has been demonstrated on the list serv and their contributions to
individual companies and their peers for years.  Too bad we have not had
lobbyists (SP) for years, too, just like real estate brokers, insurance,
bankers, AARP, --you name it. Look where we could be...

Instead of standards, if the laws are being passed--have records managers
responsible for records not some other position in a business.  Go for the
guts of our country instead of feel good industry visibility or an
advertising campaign (the gusto).

It just breaks my soul to read new laws that total ignore a valuable sector
of people, all because we may not be fighting wisely. We struggle with our
heart, not our head. And we all know, laws will continue to be made, with or
without us.

Carolyn Trim, CRM

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>We need to unite and lobby for a records manager action figure. I suggest
>that it be overweight with a clip board in one hand and drink in the
>other. The boxes can be on the side like the books with the librarian
>figure.  For our action the figure could say "What a mess" and then take a
>gulp of the drink.

Yeah, now THAT would be real flattering....  How about making it wearing
about 6-10 hats for all the other jobs it has to do, with sleeves rolled up
to expose it's hulking forearms from lifting all the boxes (seeing as even
positions posted asking for a CRM still want us to be able to lift 35-50
pounds) and a quizzical look on it's face to express it's wonder at why
"management still doesn't get it"... and while we're at it, it should come
with a "little brother" IT doll, complete with a pocket protector and an
array of pagers on it's belt.

>Perhaps ARMA can sponsor the lobby efforts.

No, they're working on a promotional campaign at the moment to raise the
awareness of RIM in the corporate sector... let's not provide any
distractions... they need to concentrate their efforts on this....

>With Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and the other new regulations in the spot
>light, the time is right.

Sigh... well, we missed the boat with HIPAA a year and a half ago, and it
appears the SOX boat has left the dock without us as well... it's been
hijacked by the EDM/ERM vendors who have all the solutions to your problems
that will classify, collect, disseminate, protect, manage, copy, and
destroy the documents you need and/or don't need automatically... it's just
a matter of attending their webinar... and oh, yes, money....

We've missed a few fantastic opportunities in the past 3 years to "catch a
wave" and ride it to the top of the "management concern hit parade", and
now it's a mater of seeing if we can capitalize on it before it's available
as a cereal box prize or on a late night cable infomercial for $19.95.

>This may not bring us immediate respect, but it sure will be fun.

Yeah, I think you could leave out the word "immediate"

>   Perhaps this can be the next Task Force - The Records Manager Action
> Figure Standard.

Eeek....  Okay, pot shots at ARMA in general is ONE THING... but let's not
lower the weapon and take aim at the Standards Program.  Maybe it would be
better to take a position on a Standards Task Force and try and be part of
the solution rather than part of the problem... at least the people that
donate their time and effort top trying to develop documents that address
the concerns of members of the RIM profession are attempting to make a
positive change.

>Ok-I've had my say-now get back to work. I have lurking litigation dragons
>to slay.

I'm done too... I have a Standard to go work on.


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