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At my organization, we are working on a policy for back-up e-mail tape retention.  We have basically come to the determination that our back-up tapes will be kept for a period of 15 days (backups only, not the users' actual e-mail records).

However, here is a "what-if" scenario we are exploring: a backup tape is used and filled to capacity and put in the 15 day rotation.  At day 16 the same tape is reused, but not filled to capacity this time.  This would leave data from the first backup on the end of the tape.  This data could not be restored to the original location, but could possibly be read sequentially for text information.

Based on this, should recycling mean erasing the tape before the next backup or just let it copy over the old backup with a new backup?  What are other organizations doing?  Has anyone experienced a serious backlash from choosing the latter option (increased discovery costs, etc.)?  Any related experiences or recommendations are appreciated!  Feel free to post to the list or post to me directly at [log in to unmask]

Sara Bolken

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