Judy and Larry (and others who have posted on this subject),

Thank you for your postings.  Let me share the following thoughts regarding
the survey:

1. It was an inadvertent error on MY part that resulted in ARMA sending out
the survey one day after AIIM.   The ARMA staff was in touch with me about
the matter and I was traveling and unable to correct it until I returned to
my office Wednesday night.  The ARMA staff has been fully cooperative on "on
top of" this matter.

2. Regarding content, I defined the content independent of both ARMA and
AIIM.  The were two defining factors: a) I did not want it to be overly long
and therefore reduce the number of respondents and b) I wanted continuity in
the questions from an earlier point in time when this survey was done.
Having that continuity will provide the capability to show changes over

3. I recognize that a) many other questions could have been included and b)
the answer options provided could have included respondent "fill in"
answers.  For tabulation purposes, however, there was a need for simplicity
and clear structure to the answer options.

4. The earlier results of this survey strongly indicated that "all is not
well" in many aspects of records management.  Although this is not news to
the members of the Records Management List, the survey's statistical
definition of the magnitude of the problem's specifics will be very helpful
to both ARMA and AIIM in any future efforts to provide a "wake up call" to
senior management on this matter.

5. By having ARMA and AIIM combining their resources (together with the
members of the RM list that may not be either ARMA or AIIM members) to have
the largest possible number of respondents will greatly enhance the
statistical validity of the survey's results.  That is why BROAD
PARTICIPATION is very important.  The co-sponsors and Cohasset recognize
that collecting the data is just the first step.  After the data is
carefully analyzed, the specifics of a follow-on specific action plan to
"deliver the message" will be formulated.

6. By having ARMA and AIIM as co-sponsors, it not only gives both
organizations an opportunity to do something that would be mutually
beneficial, but it also will lend significant additional credibility to the
results.  In turn, the impact of the results will have more impact because
they will be more widely aired and heard by people, particularly senior
management, who currently do not have a good understanding of the situation
and the need for action.

7. The underlying goal of the survey is that with a better awareness of the
risks associated with many current records management practices
(particularly those relating to electronic records), senior management then
will be more disposed to focus on improving the management of one of their
organization's most important assets, its records.  In turn, our records
management profession will be better supported and the issues that we seek
to address will be better funded.  Achievement of this goal -- which both
ARMA and AIIM actively seek -- will certainly vary from organization to
organization, both in terms of timing as well as strength of senior
management action.

8. A basis for the optimism regarding the potential benefits of this year's
survey is the extraordinary success of the 2002 Cohasset/AIIM White Paper
that detailed the results of earlier Cohasset survey research and brought
that information together in a high level document that was both a call to
action and an action plan.  This document is still available at no cost on
both AIIM and Cohasset's websites.  It has been widely circulated and very
beneficial to many in our profession

Judy and Larry, to conclude: there was the strong belief by the survey
co-sponsors and Cohasset that updating the earlier research under the
auspices of ARMA and AIIM was a good way to move forward.  There is no cost
to the co-sponsors for the survey research.  If the results have the impact
that is sought, the profession of records management will benefit in many
ways.  I hope you and others will join me and the leadership of ARMA and
AIIM in viewing this survey as a very worthwhile effort and that it has the
seeds of significant benefits for our profession.

I trust that this background information is helpful in addressing the issues
that have been raised in earlier posts.  And MANY THANKS to all those who
have participated in the survey!


BTW: For those reading this message and who have not yet participated in
this survey, you are encouraged to do so at:




Robert F. Williams

Cohasset Associates, Inc.
3806 Lake Point Tower
505 North Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, IL 60611
T: (312) 527-1551
F: (312) 527-1552
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Well, I just received the survey notice from ARMA.

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I think it's great that AIIM's President has sent messages to their members
letting them know about this important item and Bob Williams has taken the
time to tell us this is out there (because they've agreed to conduct the
survey)... I just think it's a shame that ARMA wasn't the one to notify us
and more to the point to even tell us they were putting together a survey
and ask us in advance what we thought it should address...

Another case of ARMA working in a vacuum?  Hmmm.... and if I recall my
mechanical engineering skill set, I learned there that vacuums are designed
to excel at SUCKING....

>ARMA International and AIIM International are co-sponsoring the 2003 Survey
>of Records Management Professionals being conducted by Cohasset Associates.


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