instructions. Why? well in the past few days the recmgmt-l-request address has received several commands. so here we go again

1. What address do you send a listserv command to?

a. [log in to unmask]
b. [log in to unmask]
c. [log in to unmask]
d. [log in to unmask]

times up contestants! and the answer Johnny is???

that's right [log in to unmask]

2. What type of messages do you send to [log in to unmask]

a. chit-chat
b. listserv commands
c. cries for help
d. personal messages to the listadmins

<Jeopardy theme plays>

and the envelope please...

that's right cries for help or more properly requests for assistance with your subscription such as when your IT department changes your email address and you cann't unsub your old account.

3. when you send a listserv command what goes in the subject heading?

a. a funny title
b. your name
c. I don't know
d. nothing

<jeopardy plays again>

okay Johnny what does the envelope say?

that's right NOTHING goes in the subject line!

4. Which of the following is not a listserv command?
a. set RECMGMT-L nomail
b. set RECMGMT-L mail
c. set RECMGMT-L stop
d. set RECMGMT-L digest
e. unsub RECMGMT-L

cue the music

and the answer is C! that's right set RECMGMT-L stop is not a valid command

final question for the evening contestants true or false

As a subscriber to the listserv I should print out this message and save it for future reference. true or false?

drum roll please...

the answer is TRUE!

thanks for playing LISTSERV Trivia.


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