I'd like to revise my previous sign-off, to say:

These views are mine alone. They may or may not be those of any previous
or present employers or clients. They're not from "Bloggs and Co,"
neither are they from Glenn.  We have not heard from him in awhile,
hopefully he is alive and well, up there in OZ.

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From: Judy Piccininni
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Subject: RE: Re: RAIN drop: Dewey Decimal sues

I agree.

It's interesting that the hotel doesn't consider paying for use of Dewey
as "intellectual property."  However, they would never dream of allowing
the use of their hotel (physical property) without fee.

I wonder if they don't consider Dewey to be so far back, as to
categorize it with Mozart or Beethoven, for example -- you have to pay
for a copy of the sheet music, but an orchestra does not need to pay in
order to perform it, as the rights are in the public domain.

Perhaps the hotel is thinking of Dewey as being so far back, as to be
from a different era.  Or maybe they're thinking -- "it's from the
library, so it must be free."  It's difficult to tell, really, why they
would refuse to pay such a small fee.

Judy Piccininni
What I've stated above, are my opinions, alone.

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Subject: Re: RAIN drop: Dewey Decimal sues

Interesting article, and if I'd stayed at the hotel and heard their
then I'd probably be angry at the "protectors of Dewey".

But after having read the article and seeing that they had sent three
letters before even being acknowledged, then I'm more inclined to side
the "Dewey" people.  Why can't the Hotel pay a small fee to use this
which will then go back to helping libraries?

Grahame Gould

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From: Liz Allan [mailto:[log in to unmask]]
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Subject: RAIN drop: Dewey Decimal sues

Who knew that someone owned the Dewey Decimal System?

Apparently not the owners of the Library Hotel, nestled in the shadow of
New York Public Library. Now the boutique hotel, which numbers its guest
rooms and stocks them with books according to Melvil Dewey's century-old
library classification system, is being sued for using it

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