see attachment, the Chinese urban development archives specialist repositories keep urban planning records, architectural design records, construction project records, property records, etc.

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======= 2003-09-26 11:25:00 艇壓栖佚嶄亟祇=======

>Harvard's Property Information Resource Center
>( is preparing budget backup and would
>immensely appreciate your input on a brief web-based survey
> --it should
>take less than 5 minutes. If you could reply by 10/10, I would greatly
>appreciate it.
>We are gathering data (e.g., collection size, human and financial resources
>devoted to the collection, services provided, etc.) on the general
>management of architectural and engineering drawing collections, with a
>focus on architectural and/or engineering drawing collections at colleges
>and universities. I would be happy to summarize the results for the list
>and thank you in advance for your assistance!
>I posted this request to multiple lists; apologies in advance for
>duplication. Privacy note: we are unable to track responses from individual
>respondents--the information you provide is confidential.
>Again, many thanks for your assistance
>Lisa Plato, Manager
>Property Information Resource Center
>Harvard Real Estate Services
>Holyoke Center, 1350 Massachusetts Ave.
>Cambridge, MA  02138-3846
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