Fellow Members of the Records Management List,


ARMA International and AIIM International are co-sponsoring the 2003 Survey
of Records Management Professionals being conducted by Cohasset Associates.


It is VERY important that you participate in this survey.  Just click on the
URL below and you will go to the Cohasset web site where, in just a few
minutes, you can complete the survey. 




You should participate because the results can greatly benefit you.  Here is
how.  ARMA and AIIM International want to develop current data for senior
management that:


1.      Defines the key issues that records management professionals are
seeking to address - particularly relating to managing electronic records,


2.      Details the degree to which current records management programs need
to be improved and provided with more resources "to do the job at hand".


3.      Identifies the significant risks that exist when organizations do
not have management comment to achieving "best practices" in the management
of one of the key corporate assets, its records.


ARMA International and AIIM International, with the assistance of Cohasset
Associates, plan to launch a special effort to communicate the results of
this survey to senior management and thereby create a newfound awareness in
the need to better manage one of their most important assets, records.   


With a better awareness in the issues and the risks, ARMA and AIIM believe
that senior management will provide greater support to improving the funding
of managing document-based information.


Take a few minutes to participate today.  This is a unique opportunity to
"get the message to senior management". 


Robert F. Williams
Cohasset Associates, Inc.
3806 Lake Point Tower
505 North Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, IL 60611 

T: (312) 527-1551
F: (312) 527-1552 

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