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Hello everyone,

I am trying to create a seemingly simple plot but a having little luck
finding introductory material either explaining relevant software or
principles, so perhaps I could ask for some recommendations.

I have a list of 10 websites, and the links made from each. Some of the
links are to other sites in my original list, some are to other sites. I
would like to graph the connectivity of these sites, identifying hub sites
where possible.

Unfortunately, the software I have been recommended (pajek) seems to be a
little short on documentation and seems to be written with graph theorists
in mind.

Could anyone recommend some introductory material to the concepts involved,
and / or some software which will allow me to plot the connectivity of my
data ?

Actually, it seems that part of the problem (at least with pajek) is knowing
how to transcribe my data into the relevants format(s).

Web based documentation on any of these points seems to be scarce with not a
FAQ in sight !

Many thanks,
Vaughan Bell

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