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I've received several more suggested translations of INSNA. Please help
me get them right this time. I'm throwing this out to about thirteen
hundred people, and I sincerely hope that you will find a version in
your language here and either let me know that I have a correct version
or send the one I should be using instead. Most languages have more than
one translation. I strongly suspect that many of the ones I have are not
correct; translated back into English they will result in something like
"Between nation-states entanglement in case of human-socialistic
entwinement dissociation".

Thanks for your help with this!

They are on the web at

Please let me know which language you are writing about and which of the
versions I listed is/are correct and what the correct version should be
if none of mine are correct.

Thank you

Bill Richards  <[log in to unmask]>

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