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1) I periodically receive email telling me that a URL on the INSNA web
site is wrong or that a link is broken or that something that should be
there isn't there.

Please let me know if a link to you or your university is broken ( ...
and please let me know what the correct address is!)

2) If you have a network course whose outline, syllabus, reading list,
etc. is on the web, and if you are willing to share that information
with the rest of the network community, please send me the URL or your

If you know of someone else's course that should be on the web, please
send me that person's email address and the URL for their material.

3) While I'm talking about URLs and addresses, let me take this time to
ask you to send me your email and postal addresses if they have changed
since you joined INSNA or since the last time you renewed your membership.

4) There are now TWO (2) answers to questions on the Network FAQ pages
on the INSNA web site. It's great to have a lot of questions (we have 17
questions -- hardly what I'd call "a lot"). It's even better to have
answers to the questions on the FAQ site.  Please 1) read the questions
there now and compose answers and them to me; 2) submit the questions
you'd like to see answered.

5) If you have network presentations on the web in powerpoint or pdf or
some other form and you are willing to share them with other networkers,
please send the URL to me so I can post it on the INSNA web site in the
"Powerpoints and pdfs" section.

Bill Richards

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