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This may be of some historical interest. I've been reading some of Gabriel
Tarde's work on diffusion (and the important roles of conversation and
imitation). He would have appreciated recent work by Valdis and Eric on
using Amazon data to interpret social trends...

"it would be of the greatest interest to have good statistics on bookstores,
which, from the number of copies sold, would tell us the rise and fall of
curiosity about and public favour for a given type of publication -- novels,
travelogues, philosophical stories, poetry, newspapers of a particular bent.
We should then clearly observe the variations of public opinion and the
direction of its transformations." (pp229-230)
        Tarde, G. (1897) Quantification and Social Indicators
        in "Gabriel Tarde on Communication and Social Influence" (1969), (Ed,
Clark, T.)
        University of Chicago Press, Chicago pp245-251


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That site connects the dots on over 400,000 items that Amazon
sells.  I haven't done any of the clustering analysis Valdis has
connected; fascinating work.

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