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        After Mark Granovetter suggested I read Identity and Control twice
(in both senses) I made a determined effort and have gotten through it
the first time.  It has given me a whole new perspective on networks and
reading it was a wonderful experience, but I feel like I missed more than
I got.  I have a couple of questions.

1.  His terminology seems ideosyncratic.  Is there a precident for
    using "discipline" the way he does?   How about "story?"

2.  I have been looking up some of the key authors he refers to and reading
    them.   For instance, Eric Leifer's work related to White gives "ties"
    a whole different meaning than how I had been thinking of them.  White
    refers to Erving Goffman frequently and I am reading some of his stuff.
    It seems to me that Goffman, at least, is "symbolic interactionism"
    subdivision of sociology (I may be off base about this, I am just learning).
    What would be some other stuff to read to get the big picture of where
    White is coming from?

3.  I would like to start a listserv to discuss White.  In fact, I already
    have, but there is no one subscribed to it but me.  I talked to Mark
    Granovetter and he said the he and 4 of his best graduate students
    read a chapter of White every week or two and then got together and
    disucssed it.  I have learned a lot from listservs on CS Peirce and
    Hayek, I am wondering if there would be enough interest in White?

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