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I wanted to inform everyone of the extensive updates I've done to the SPIDER website (Social Psychology of Information Diffusion -- Educational Resources), which can be accessed by clicking on  Highlights of the new updates are as follows:

*Perhaps the most "dramatic" new change is the addition of a SYLLABI section, providing links to online syllabi.  This section is very new and only has a few syllabi connected at this point.  If you teach a course with an online syllabus in the areas of networks, culture, cultural transmission/
evolution, media, or anything else you think could fit under the rubric of "information diffusion," please send me your links.

*In the BIBLIOGRAPHIES section, I adapted the list of resources on links between psychology and anthropology compiled by Sara Hodges for the SPSP list (my posting is with Dr. Hodges's permission).  Whereas the suggestions sent in to Dr. Hodges tended to be of a conversational nature (e.g., "Check out the book such-and-such by so-and-so"), I have compiled formal references for each item of material.  Everyone who contributed to Dr. Hodges's list is acknowledged at the bottom of the document I developed.  Some of the suggestions I placed elsewhere (under syllabi or research centers).  If anyone notices any omissions or errors, please let me know.

*Under ARTICLE AND BOOK REVIEWS, not only have I added a bunch of new reviews, but we have our first review written by an outside reader (Bobby Mather's review of the book "Moneyball").  Given that many people suggested books and articles to Sara Hodges for her list -- and presumably these people would have read the articles and books in question -- how about sending me a brief (100-word) review of one of these readings?  It's OK if I get multiple reviews of an article/book -- I'll display 'em all!

*In the CURRENT EVENTS section, I have a link to media coverage the recent e-mail replication attempt of Milgram's "Small World" study, conducted by Columbia University sociologist Duncan Watts and his group.

*The MEASURING WHAT'S 'HOT' section has links to VH1's 200 Greatest Pop Cultural Icons and CMT's 100 Greatest Songs of Country Music.

And more...


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