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Hello, socnetters,

I'll be giving an overview of scale-free networks and their
applications to the Vancouver, B.C., chapter of the
"Perl Mongers" (google to get your own definition).  I've
found very few programmers at large have read Linked, so
it'll be an elementary presentation of that material.

Excuse the posting of such local interest, but there are people from SFU
(and UBC? Langara???) on this list.  Think of the community's reaction
to this post as a large number of outgoing links reciprocated by a
small number of links indicating interest.  And you'll get the gist of
my talk...

Here are the details:

Date: October 21, 2003

Time: 7:00pm

Place: ActiveState Mezzanine, #400 580 Granville St.

Topic: Eric Promislow will be presenting "Exploring Scale-Free Networks"

  Scale-free networks have emerged as a powerful analytical tool used
  in many different disciplines, including the natural sciences, social
  sciences, and even in business. This presentation will give a brief
  introduction to this area, cover some sample applications, and then
  show some of the techniques Perl programmers can bring to this area.

Everyone is welcome.

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